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Sommelier's business card


In the world of business, we are used to using a small piece of paper – a business card in order to introduce ourselves and our job position. Let's make a virtual business card of a sommelier – a person working in a restaurant who is responsible for beverages. How to recognise a good sommelier? It is not complicated at all; you will need just your eyes and hearing. 


It all begins with an entrance into a restaurant. Just at the doors we are welcomed by a friendly, empathetic and smiling sommelier. He or she is pleased by our visit as he or she understands the core of the job – interaction with people. Sommelier's usual vocabulary includes words such as good morning, thank you, please and might I and other polite phrases.   


A wine cabinet is properly set up at the right temperature. You can choose wine from a menu that is exciting yet well arranged. The usual selection of wines is also enriched with specialised sommelier's digest, seasonal choices and possible combinations of meals and wines. 


Proper sommelier is also a gentleman (when being a man), therefore he helps a lady with her coat, shows us a table and helps us with moving the chair. Let the culinary concert begin. It starts with a fresh aperitif that wakes up our taste buds. Followed by a marriage of wines and starters, soups, main dishes, cheeses and desserts. The good sommelier is also educated in the field of non-alcoholic beverages, suitable digestives, hot beverages and quality cigars. 


A good sommelier should be our distinguished guide that is always helpful yet gives us room and privacy. He or she knows the rules regarding serving beverages – suitable glasses and temperatures. On a virtual sommelier's business card there is also proper vocabulary and professional presentation.  


In a nutshell a good sommelier does not need a business card at all. His or her business card is his work, presentation and his attitude towards guests. Sommelier is not just a restaurant representative; he or she also represents their own brand at work as well as when just having fun. 


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