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I am sommelier


Many years ago I have been captivated by the fascinating world of sommelier. Everything I do I do to deepen my knowledge. I explore the secrets of wine, meals, delicatessen, cigars, coffee, tea, distillates and other drinks. I have been always sure about the decision to become a sommelier. It is an endless varied path that keeps suprising me again and again.  

For me there is never enough of wine tastes. The number of connections of wine and food is almost endless. I always get excited about energy and character of young wines as well as noble elegance of old wines. I love exploring and trying new varieties, new wines and new experiences. I love to be enchanted by exploring original sophisticated wine, a real treasure that sparkles by its story. The story about history, homeland, sun, winemaker and his love and care about the magic drink.

Certificates and Awards

Vicepresident of the SOMMELIER ASSOCIATION of the Czech Republic

Eleven-time winner sommellier in the Czech Republic

World champion at Habanosommelier contest in Cuba in 2004

Court-expert in the field of wine and other alcoholic beverages

Absolvent WSET Advanced, London

  • Holder of tasting tests according to European standards and CAFIA tests and international winetasting certificate OIV
  • Co-author of the book HLEDÁNÍ PRAVDY O VÍNĚ – SOMMELIERSTVÍ (Exploring the Truth about Wine
  • Book editorial consultant: JÍDLO A VÍNO (Food and Wine), SOMMELIER'S HANDBOOK – ASI – SOMMELIER, A JOB OF FUTURE
  • Author of more than 290 specialized articles
  • Lecturer of the educational program SOMMELIER CERTIFICATE

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Ivo Dvořák

+420 602 373 048

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